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Wire Rope Sling Service

Wire Rope Sling Certifications to ASME B30.9

Hercules SLR Wire Rope Sling Service: Inspection, Test, Maintenance, And Certification

Wire Rope sling are durable in tough environments and a great choice for overhead lifting. However, according to Canadian law, wire slings need to be inspected, tested, and certified every year.

Hercules SLR’s ASME certified sling inspectors can inspect and certify wire lifting slings.

The consequences of incorrect maintenance and inspections can be life or death. Not to mention the immense financial impact an accident can have on a business.

All inspections are carried out in accordance to ASME standard B30.9. For Inspections, Load Testing, Repairs and Certifications Contact the wire sling service experts at Hercules SLR today.

Wire Rope Sling inspection

Wire Rope Slings, Care & Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

– Normal Service—yearly

– Severe Service—monthly to quarterly

-Special Service—as recommended by a qualified person

– Intervals between inspection should never exceed one year. Written records are not required for frequent inspections, however written records should be kept. The WSTDA, RS-1 and ASME B30.9 require written record of the latest inspection.

– It’s important to inspect your wire rope sling before use to prevent common wire rope damage—but also for safety. Look out for wear from the environment, like:

– Abrasive dust, little to no lubricant

– Normal wear-and-tear

– Corrosion (look for discoloration, lack of flexibility and rough to-the-touch feel)

– Abrasion

– Thermal damage (over-heating)

– Termination failures

– Wire rope slings require a legible tag with specific information. Remove from service if tag is damaged or illegible. The information that is require is as follows:

–  Name or trademark of manufacturer

–  Rated loads for the type of hitches used and the angle upon which it is based

–  Nominal diameter or size

–  Number of legs

–  Serial number or batch number

– A wire rope sling shall be removed from service if conditions such as the following are present.

Missing or illegible sling identification

– Broken wires

– For strand-laid and single-part slings, 10 randomly broken wires in one rope lay, or five broken wires in one strand in one lay.

– For cable-laid slings, 20 broken wires per lay.

– For six-part braided slings 20 broken wires per braid.

– For eight-part braided slings 40 broken wires per braid.

– Severe localized abrasion or scraping

Kinking, crushing, bird caging or any other damage resulting in damage to the rope structure

– Evidence of heat damage

– End attachments that are cracked, deformed or worn to the extent that the strength of the sling is substantially affected

– Severe corrosion of the rope, end attachments or fittings.

– Other conditions including visible damage that may cause doubt about the continued use of the sling-Hook removal criteria are listed in the ASME B30.10 Standard. Rigging hardware removal criteria are listed in the ASME B30.26 Standard.

Why is the wire rope sling inspection important?

A specific procedure for sling inspection is the best safeguard against injury, death and property damage. It is important that you employ a three stage level of inspection to ensure that slings are inspected with appropriate frequency. It is also important that all inspections must be done by trained and qualified personnel.

To detect possible damage, you should perform a visual inspection of the entire sling by making all parts of the sling readily visible. If necessary, remove dirt and grime so wires and components are visible.

Look for any of the conditions listed in the removal from service criteria.

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